Sep 14, 2014

The Happiest Place {Round 2}

If you are new here. I'll just say....DISNEYLAND IS MY FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH. That place is magical. Its the definition of happiness and joy... and all things good. Last year my in laws surprised us on Christmas saying we were going to Disneyland. Seemed like it was forever away! But it was so worth the wait.

If you follow me on instagram you probably saw all my pics I posted. {Disney spam heck yeah} The video will show you just a small insight to why I love this place so much. So many old memories and so many new ones being made everytime we go!
(I used to be terrified of this thing when I was little. Called it the "scary ah" and so now everytime I pass it I send a pic like this to my mom. glad I overcame that fear... for the most part. hahaha)
 Yep that was.... OUR BEDROOM FOR THE WEEK?! I kid you not I got a little choked up when I walked in. And then I just started unpacking my stuff immediately. No one else could have that room ;) seriously amazing.
oh and to top off an amazing week? I got to go on a double date all of Friday with my best friend Charlotte. I love her so much. Such an amazing day. And her date bought me a churro! (trying to win my approval i'm suuuure) but it did the trick. Best way to end our Disneyland adventures.

And all the feelings and memories that words just cant express right.
Here is the video of the week:
Thank you so much Kelly and Annette. Everyone had so much fun and we will cherish these memories forever. Love you both!

Sep 11, 2014

New and {Improved}

Oh man. My lack of blogging lately has really made me sad! But I can explain. 2 weeks ago sick!! (bleh) 1 Week ago in DISNEYLAND!! I know your asking (again really?!) yes again :) and I'll explain later when I get that post done (pics and video coming soooon so excite! stay tuned)

But right now I just want to say HOLY MOLY BUYING A NEW CAMERA IS SCARY! I bought it from a girl I worship on instagram. And I'm so nervous and excited to learn how to use it! I have been filming around my living room... and that's pretty much it. But I'm already loooving this new thing. Who knew getting a nicer camera would make such a difference! I've already learned so much only having it a few days!

Its a new adventure I'm ready to take on. Ready to add my own pictures and videos to this camera.
i'm ready to {SHOOT} some people.
and annoy everyone by constantly having a camera in their face
cause I think i'll take this thing with me everywhere.

Aug 25, 2014

{We Sew Happy} GIVEAWAY

**give away closed**
I am so lucky with the fun giveaways I get to host on my blog. I am especially excited about this giveaway for you guys. My childhood friend has turned her passion into a business and makes the most adorable ruffle-y skirts I have ever seen! (omg!! ruffles!) These gorgeous handmade skirts are perfect for the changing weather. She can customize it to your personal style. You can choose the fabric color and the waste band color as well.

They also come in pretty much any size you can imagine. You can get baby, girl, or woman sizes. I decided to have my sister model the skirt (because uh.. she's pretty!!) I mean these skirts are literally ruffle heaven.

So... does my sister have you convinced that you NEED one of these skirts now?! Yes? Ok good! To enter you can win a $20.00 credit to Ashley's {We Sew Happy} Etsy shop so you can pick your own cute skirt to help you feel better about summer ending and school starting. Because every girl feels a little more brave with a new skirt :)

1 winner will be selected for a $20.00 shopping credit
(click ^^^there to view her shop)

To enter you must follow @lexieleew & @wesewhappy on Instagram, and leave a comment below telling me what you would pick from her shop!

(click the blue follow button on the side bar to the left)
or click {{HERE}}

Winner will be announced Sept. 1st!

Aug 24, 2014

A {downtown} day

Poor Brayden has to put up with my downtown obsession. I LOVE downtown Salt Lake City. I know, I know, I live only 15 minutes away... it shouldn't be that great. But I love the city vibe. I love all the random restaurants, antique stores, old historic buildings, crazy people, and temple square. Whenever we go down I'm like a tourist in my own city. I always tell Brayden I wish we could live in the heart of salt lake city. Buuuuuut.... Brayden makes a good point that the parking sucks big time. Any who. We decided that we would go downtown and just hang out! We especially wanted to find a restaurant we've never eaten at. So I had a great idea that Eva's Bakery would be the PERFECT place. Its so cute and like a billion peeps on instagram have been there and raved about it.
isn't it adorable?! wish I could say we actually ate there.... buuuut the food was weird. Everything had blue cheese in it which I didn't appreciate. (maybe that's why the shop!) So we walked in and walked out! haha We went somewhere else to eat that was yuuuummyyyy. But I cant remember what it was called. haha so no free advertisement for them! (sorry random restaurant!)
After we ate we decided to wander around. We walked into the oldest looking buildings we could find, old apartment buildings, and scary alley ways. (because when you're in the city, why not risk your life in a dark alley way? gotta get the full "city" experience!)
We also found Brigham Youngs garden. It wasn't super exciting but we read EVERY single little maker that explained things like plants, and a water wheel. It was so fun. We had the place to ourselves.
Then I talked Brayden into walking up to the capital! And yes... it took a few minutes because it was a little bit far.... aaaand up hill..... but because he loves me he said yes and OFF we went!
Its amazing what you can find in your own city. We cant really afford cool, extravagant trips but we had quite the adventure wandering around Salt Lake. I love where I live.

Thanks for the fun day my Brayd :) I love you.