Oct 28, 2014

Autumn with {Arsanova}

I was so excited when my fabulous friend {Michelle M.} from arsanova.com texted me and asked if I wanted to do a photo shoot with her. My first answer was DUHH!! OF COURSE I DO! But then more politely I said that I would love to! She is such an amazing graphic designer and photographer.... and pretty much anything else that requires creativity and charm. She did the best job at showing how much I love fall in these pictures.... i also kept apologizing because apparently i have learned nothing over the years and years of watching AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL because i had no idea what i was doing. But an amazing photographer can make anyone look good ;)

Thanks again michelle! And also if you noticed my adorable watch and want to know where i got it you can check out the TWIGS website ---->here i cannot say enough about how much I love this brand. It was started locally by a couple of cool guys i worked with (miss you guys btw!! work is so boring with out you) but they have the most unique merch that myself (and my entire family) are in love with. I am so proud of how hard they have worked to establish something so awesome! And i always love a home grown Utah company. Be sure to check them out for holiday gifts!

ALL PHOTO CRED: arsanova

Oct 13, 2014

Happy {3 years} to us

Its literally been the best 3 years of my life.
Happy Anniversary lover boy.
You are my favorite person in the world.
Love you for all eternity.

Oct 6, 2014

When I {almost} Cried Over an Ice-Cream Cone

Yep you read that title right. The night I literally got choked up over an ice-cream cone. It was last Friday and like every Friday its DATE NIGHT. (so married couple cliché I know) but Friday night is my favorite night of the week. Because Brayden and I get to go out with NO homework, No work stress, no nothing. Just us.

We decided that Dickies sounded good. (yeah we heard about the iced tea incident. we're over it.) we don't drink that stuff any who. But something that Dickies does have is a killer soft serve ice-cream machine. So while I was ringing up our food Brayden always gets the BBQ sauce and an ice cream cone for me. He brought it to me and said "Here ya go my Legs" and I took it and started eating it right away. And he walked back around the corner to get the napkins, forks, etc...

To my surprise the cashier guy looked me right in the eye with the most genuine smile I have ever gotten from a stranger and said:
 "wow... you really don't see guys do that everyday do ya. That was really sweet of him. What an act of true chivalry. You really got a good one there I can tell."

And I literally got a lump in my throat and about started to weep!

all I could choke out was: "That's why I married him. He's the best."

That awesome stranger swiping my debit card caused me to be over-flooded with feelings of gratefulness for the husband I have. When you've been married for (almost 3 years) you just kind of get used to each other! Stuff becomes routine (not in a bad way) but sometimes you forget to stop and think.... how sweet is Brayden that he went and got me an ice-cream cone while I was waiting for my waffle fries?? That's just SUCH a Brayden thing to do. He is so thoughtful.

I want to thank my Brayden for being honest, hardworking, brave, thoughtful, kind, and patient.

And I hope that everyone can slow down every once in a while and appreciate the loved ones we have. And even be thankful for even the little moments like when your husband hands you an ice-cream cone, because he knows you love them.

Sep 22, 2014

Bear Lake {Fall Edition}

oh my heart.
I thought I loved bear lake in the summer. Turns out Bear Lake does an outfit change mid September and really shows you what fall is supposed to look like. It was a fashion show of yellows, reds, greens, purples, you name it. I was in complete aw. All I could say was "this is so pretty" and I don't know if it really was THAT pretty or if I just need to go outside more... (curse you Netflix!!) It was such a nice weekend up at Bear Lake with my Brayd. We went on hikes and went out to dinner. That's pretty much all we did and it felt like one of the best weekends!

The mountain air really does something to your soul. It didn't do anything to mine because I was stressed out trying to figure out how to get my camera to work. (its new.. first time I've used it outside of my apartment!) but it really was so beautiful. I got a few good shots but being the newbie that I am never having used a DSRL on manual there was lots of "over-exposed" and "blurry" pictures I had to sort through to get some good ones. But even some of those "oops" pictures are my favorite.
It was one of those weekends that remind you that life is good even when it sends you cow poop to step in. (which I actually did step in... wearing sandals...)

Here are some of the shots I have deemed acceptable to be on the blog! (photo professionals and mom... don't judge ;) I'm still learning!!)
 my adventure partner.
 Brayden decided that I needed a wildflower bouquet. He kept saying "this is right up your alley isn't it Legs?" haha and that's why I married him :)
 and that is the final product. so heavenly... melted my heart.
these cows were just walking in the road. and when they heard the car coming they all lined up like this to let us pass... haha it was so funny. and all of them had pretty epic snot strings for some reason...ew.
i mean have you ever seen such colors??!! If that doesn't make you crave over sized sweaters, pumpkin spice cookies, and the color yellow I don't know what will. 
.::such a great adventure::.