Apr 7, 2014

{Sunday} General Conference

If you want real "life hacks" you have to listen to conference. It almost seems like at least ONE of the talks (or several) is written specifically for you. That is why conference is so awesome. The Lord really is everyone's bff.

On sunday my mom made us wake up suuuuuper early for breakfast. But it turned out to be so worth it because she made my personal favorite.....WAFFELS! Delish!
once we were stuffed we waddled over to the couch for the 1st session of Sunday conference. Like i said in my last post... I am a note doodler taker. In-between the flowers, hearts, and butterflies I write down a few quotes that stood out to me! :) here are a few of my favorites:
"Love is the very essence of the gospel, and Jesus Christ is our Exemplar." - Pres. Monson
"The Savior makes all things right." - Elder Christopherson
"Be ready to receive the gentle tug of the spirit." - Elder Perry
"When we get inspiration to do something, do it NOW, do not procrastinate." - Elder Walker
"May we ever be found doing the work of the Lord." - Pres. Monson
"Truth will always be opposed." - Elder Corbridge
"Faith requires work." - Elder Aidukaitis
"Heavenly Father, I am so glad you are always here and there." - Pres. Monson
"How much of life do we miss by waitig to see the rainbow before thanking God that there is rain?"- Pres. Uchtdorf
just retyping these words fills my heart! I love this church. I love that I belong to a gospel that brings me such peace and love. For the afternoon session we went over to braydens parents house for a wonderful meal. It was the perfect weekend. I wish I could rewind it and do it all again.

{Saturday} General Conference

General conference is the weekend I wait every 6 months for. Its the time we get to hear from our wonderful prophet, the 12 apostles, and other church leaders. I remember being little and being excited about being able to staying home in my jammies and seeing my prophet on the tv.. NOTHING has changed sense then. I love seeing my prophet on the tv and being with family and friends all weekend long.

I am a note taker. Seminary got me started on that. I {mostly} doodle but quotes will fit in here and there in between the flowers and the butterflies.

This year brayden and I decided to invite our friends Jason and Haru to eat lunch with us while we watched the 2nd session on Saturday. It was so fun! {our first guests at our new place! eeee!} I decided to create a "pizza bar" so you could choose your own sauce/ toppings and then we would throw them in the oven to bake! yum :)
for dessert of COURSE i had to stick with the "pizza theme" we had Fruit pizza for dessert! Haru dominated at decorating her cookie. haha i thought mine looked pretty good until i saw hers! it was literally a work of art. 

Apr 5, 2014

This {N} That

I have lived in Utah my entire life. And STILL the mountains take my breath away. We live in such a beautiful state. We especially have a stunning view from our new apartment.
lately things at the Ward household has been very mellow. Mostly just me decorating and buying things. I love our new place it already feels like home. I don't even like going out because i just want to sit on MY couches and admire all my decorations.....(oh maaan i sound lame) but its true. I cant wait to post pics! I've realized I am a super random decorator. I don't even know if half the stuff I keep getting really matches... but I like the stuff so it will have to do. including my kitchen rooster and my little tea cups :)
.::home sweet home::.
(more pictures soon to come.. just not yet!)
also... its CONFERENCE WEEKEND! oh my goodness waiting for General Conference is like waiting for Christmas! You guys have to watch it! Click --->here to watch the live broad cast tomorrow and Sunday!
Woman's Conference this year was incredible. I got to go with my mom, grandma, AND little sister. Its always so spiritually uplifting. They reminded us to love one another and treat everyone as a child of god. They also reminded us how important our families are. Even if the world thinks otherwise. Its been an incredible week. Cant wait for tomorrow! :D eee!

(source: pinterest )
for more quotes like that... and MORE watch conference with me!!
you wont regret it :)
bring a note book and jot down awesome quotes
and I promise you will dominate pinterest with inspirational
typography. no. joke.

Mar 18, 2014

Just read {instead}

I have caught myself so many times wasting time on social media! haha (don't judge me I know you do it too!) and I follow this really beautifully unique blog called The Secret Life of Bee and she does these "read instead" posts every so often talking about the book she has or is currently reading. So now every time I feel like wasting time on social media doing nothing this little voice in my head says "reeaaaad insteaaaad." (thanks Bee!) I'm a slow reader so these posts wont happen very often because it takes me like 2 months to read a book but here is what I have so far of the book I'm currently loving...
tonight brayden is studying for a big test tomorrow and when he starts studying for those things I never know when I'll see him!(so proud of how hard he works) so tonight I'll read and brainstorm for the blog :)

when I read I love highlighting and circling parts that I like, that make me laugh, or inspire me. So here are a few little sections about my friend Walt that I really liked:
"Both Walt and Mickey had an adventurous spirit, a sense of rectitude, an admitted lack of sophistication, a boyish ambition to excel. Both were unashamedly devoted to the ideals of Horatio Alger. Both clung to the old fashioned notion of remaining steadfast to one sweetheart" pg 108
"Walt was the devoted guardian of Mickeys integrity. Many times he said in story conferences, "Mickey wouldn't do that." He had an unerring sense of detecting when the gag men were going too far, when they were reaching for comedy business which would perhaps draw belly laughs but would be at variance with the naturalness of Mickey's character. That is why Mickey Mouse captured the worlds affection as had no other cartoon character: he remained himself an enormously likable figure" pg 109
"Disneyland isn't designed for just children. When does a person stop being a child? Can you say that a child is ever entirely eliminated from an adult?.... I want Disneyland to be a place where parents can bring their children--or come by themselves and still have a good time."-Walt Disney pg. 11
"I never have time to ponder over the fact that I may be what they call 'a celebrity,' And if I am one it has never helped me make a better picture, nor has it ever bettered my polo game, which I certainly wish it would! Here's once when it happened, though--it did get me a good seat to one of the football games last winter. But then, what about the mob that pounced on me for autographs after the game! No, being a celebrity doesn't mean so much!"-Walt Disney pg. 145
 this is a great book. I have to have my phone with me while reading though because I have to look up definitions that I don't understand. But I am so happy I purchased this book. Especially sense I love Disney and the folklore it has created. So it has been really interesting learning about the history behind it. Walt is such an interesting character! Its been so inspiring reading about someone who went from delivering news papers and making short cartoon films out of his garage with is brother to this huge success! Thank you Walt Disney!!